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Produce for Restaurants, Catering, Markets, Offices and Schools

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Cream, Juice, eggs & Cheese


Evapurated Milk 24/14oz.


Regular Milk 6/1gl.


Low Fat Milk 6/1gl.


Cream Cheese


Sour Cream 35#


Sour Cream 1Gal.


Mexican Cream 35#


Montrey Jack 40# BLOCK


Cheddar 40# BLOCK


Shredded Chesse Jack or Cheddar 4/5#


Ranchero Chesse lb.


Cotija Chesse lb.


Whip Cream 12ct.


French Fries Reg. Cut 3/8" 6/5lb.


Lemon Juice 12 / 32 oz.


Pineapple Juice 12/46oz.


Cranberry Juice 12/46oz.


Apple Juice 4/1gl.




Jumbo Eggs Losse 200


Extra Large Eggs Losse 15dz.


Large Eggs Loose 15dz.


Medium Eggs Loose 15dz.


Small Eggs Loose 15dz.


Large Eggs Dozen Carton 15dz.


Medium Eggs Dozen Carton 15dz.