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Produce for Restaurants, Catering, Markets, Offices and Schools

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Food Containers & Supplies


Foil Roll 12X1000


Foil Roll 18X 500


P.V.C. Film Wrap 18X2000


P.V.C. Film Wrap 12X2000


Aluminium Pans 8"Roun 500ct.


Aluminium Pans 7"Roun 500ct.


Boar Lids 9" 500ct.


Boar Lids 8" 500ct.


Boar Lids 7" 500ct.


Foil Sheets 9X10 3/4" 6/500


Foil Sheets 12X10 3/4" 6/500


Container Foam Hoagie 4/125 6X6


Container Foam Large 3/Com.250ct.


Container Foam Large 1/Com.250ct.


Container Foam Med. 3/Com. 250ct.


Container Foam Med. 1/Com. 250ct.


Container Foam SM.500ct.


Cup Foam 4J6 1000ct.


Cup Foam 6J6 1000ct.


Cup Foam 8J8 1000ct.


Cup Foam 12J12 1000ct.


Cup Foam12J16 1000ct.


Cup Foam 16J16 1000ct.


Cup Foam 20J16 500ct.


Cup Foam16MJ20 500ct.


Cup Foam 24J16 500ct.


Cup Foam 32TJ32 500ct.


Cup Foam 32MJ48 500ct.


Lids 6JL 1000 ct.


Lid 12SL 1000ct.


Lid 12UL 1000ct.


Lid 16SL 1000ct.


Lid 20JL 1000ct.


Lid 24SL 500ct.


Lid 32JL 500ct.


Lid 32SL 500ct.


Lid 48JL 500ct.


Spoons Whtite Heavy Durty 1000ct.


Forks White 1000ct.


Knifes White 1000ct.


Spoons Black Heavy Durty 1000ct.


Forks Black 1000ct.


Knifes Black 1000ct.


Kit Pak Napkin/Fork/Spoon/Nife 250ct.


Plate Foam 10" 1000ct.


Plate Foam 9" 1/Comp. 500ct.



Plate Paper Hard 9" 1200ct.


Plate Paper 9' 10 /100 ct..


Plate Meat Tray # 2 500 ct.


Napkin Bar 4000ct.


Napkin DIspenser 7X13.5 20X500ct.


Napkin Dinner 2PL. 12X250ct.


Napkin Dinner 1PL. 12X250ct.


Towell Roll Natural 12X1000


Towell Multi-Fold 4000ct. Whitte


Towell Single-Fold 4000ct.


Tissue Jbo.Roll Toilet Paper 12X343Ft.


Tissue Toilet Paper 96 Rolls 2PL.


Toilet Seat Cover 4/250


Carry-Out 4 Cups. 300ct.


Carry-Out 2 Cups. 300ct.


Guest Checks #525 50/50ct.


Register Rolls 1441-130


Register Rolls A23000


Trash Bag 33Gal. 125ct.


Trash Bag 13Gal.125ct.


Tooth Pick Cello Mint 12X1000ct.


Tooth Pick Cello 12X1000ct.


Straw 7 3/4" Unwrapped


Straw 7 3/4" Wrapped Jumbo 24/500


Sandwish bags 2000 ct.


Straw 10 1/2" Wrapped



Cup Portion 2oz. Clear


Cup 1.5 oz. Clear 20/250ct.


Cup 4 oz. Clear 20/250ct.


Cup 8oz. Clear 20/25ct.


Cup 10oz.Clear 20/50ct.


Cup 12oz.Clear 20/50ct.


Cup 16oz.Clear 20/50ct.


Cup 20oz.Clear 12/50ct.


Cup 24oz.Clear 12/50ct.


Container Clear 5x5 500ct.


Container Clear 6x6 500ct.


Container High Dome AD16F 200ct.


Container High Dome AD24F 200ct.


Container High Dome AD32F 200ct.


Container 1050 4/125 500 ct #5


Container 1160 4/125 500 ct #6


Container 1120 2/125 250 ct #8


Lid 12oz./16oz.Straw Flat CL.10/100ct.


Lid 16oz./24oz.Straw Flat CL.10/50ct.