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Produce for Restaurants, Catering, Markets, Offices and Schools

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Lards, Oil, Dressing & Sauces


Margarine Prints 30/1lb.


Butter Print 30/1 lb.


Lard Viva 48#


Lard Refinned Fry King 50#


Olive Oil 35#


Corn Oil 35#


Soy Bean Oil 35#


Pan and Grill 35#


Creami Fraying Shortening Oil 35#


Clear fry Oil 35#


Canola Fry Clear Oil 35#


Vegetable Oil 35#


Margarine Liquid 2/17.5#




Ranch Buttermilk Dressing 4/1gl.


Mixed Ranch Orignal Dressing 4/1gl.


Italian Oil Vines Dressing 4/1gl.


Hunny Mustard Dressing 4/1gl.


Blue Chesse Dressing 4/1gl.


Peeled Garlic 4/1gl. 4/ 5 LB.


Tapatio Indiviual 500ct.


Tapatio Hot Sauce 12/10oz.


Tapatio Hot Sauce 24/5oz.


Tapatio Hot Sauce 4/1gl.


Tabasco Sauce 24/2.3oz.


Tabasco Sauce 24/5oz.


Tabasco Sauce 12/10oz.


Tabasco Jalapeno Sauce 12/2.3oz.


Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce 12/2.3oz.


El Pato Hot Sauce 24/5oz.


Tamazula Hot Sauce 35/4.7oz.


Buffalo Classic Hot Sauce 24/5oz.


Choloula Calssic Hot Sauce 12/5oz.


B.B.Q. Sauce 12/18oz. Kraft


B.B.Q. Sauce 12/18oz. Red and White


B.B.Q. Sauce Indivual 200ct.


Mustard Classic 12/20oz.


Mustard Classic 24/8oz.


Mustard Classic 24/8oz. Red/White


Mustard Indiviual 500ct.


Soy Sauce 24/5oz.


Terriyaki Sauce 12/5oz.


Mayonaise Rich In All 30#


Mayonaise Rich In All 4/1gl.


Mayonaise Indiviual 500ct.


Tomato Ketchup 6/10 San Benito


Tomato Ketchup HUNT''S


Tomato Sauce 6/10 Gangi


Tomato Ketchup 24/14oz. Heinz


Tomato Ketchup Indiviual 500ct.


Tomato Pure 6/10


Tomato Sauce 6/10


Tomato Juice 12/32 oz.


Tomato Paste 6/10


Tomato Whole 6/10


Tomato Sauce Enchila Red 6/10